Winding Down

I know I K N O W….It’s a been a while and a half but life’s been busy y’know. Let me give you a quick summary in order to justify my behaviour (not really). I… View Full Post

What christmas means to me

Hiya! Another chatty post today but first…. Merry Christmas everyone! I thought today I would have a little chit chat with you all about christmas and what it means to me (- stevie wonder). I… View Full Post

Winter fashion inspiration

So, it snowed here in Nottingham (and in most places in England in fact) and it is now freezing!! I know all I want to do is put the heating on and bundle up in soft… View Full Post

Christmas is coming…..

Hello, hello, hello, how are you today? good? fabulous! Ok so today is the 12th…oh wait it just turned midnight….13th of November (friday the 13th OOOOOOOOO lol shut up) and did you know that it… View Full Post