Salty Style

Summer is over. I know, I know, I feel it too – the impending doom of darker days and colder temperatures. Being ‘in the mood’ for soup and dousing your pillow in Olbas oil because… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Hello, happy Wednesday. In keeping with last weeks MM ‘theme’ I’m ding a similar holiday, beauty post this week but just to mix it up I’m using my own pics (apart from the quotes…I am… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Hiya! I don’t know about you but here in London we’ve ben having the most beautiful sunny days. Of course today that isn’t the case so I thought I’d inject a little sunshine into Wednesday… View Full Post

(belated) midweek motivation

Hiya! So major dilemma went down on Wednesday in the form that my WordPress just wasn’t working so no midweek motivation could go up (BOOOO) but luckily today we are back up and running (YAAAAAY)… View Full Post

Midweek motivation

Hiya! It is Wednesday…midweek….Lets goooooo!!!! (Incase you’re new, every week I post a bunch of pictures under the title ‘middle motivation’ to give you a little boost midweek…you follow???) Xx