Salty Style

Summer is over. I know, I know, I feel it too – the impending doom of darker days and colder temperatures. Being ‘in the mood’ for soup and dousing your pillow in Olbas oil because… View Full Post

The raffia edit

My favourite trend at the moment is raffia (the textured material not the reggae music style (have I made this up…I swear it’s a sub-genre)). Not just in bags (although I’ve listed some cute ones… View Full Post

Beach state of mind

Hi hi, super quick easy breezy post today, a take on the old midweek motivation but in a more mood-board setting.There seems to be a heatwave happening all over the world atm so I thought… View Full Post


I am a details kinda girl when it comes to aesthetics/appearance/outfits etc…. so much so that I am constantly being made fun of by my friends for being slightly psychotically pedantic about ‘ridiculous’ (you say… View Full Post

Outfit Diary: iPhone style

Hi hi hi, I am still in the sunshine on holiday and loving it. Definitely needed the beach, I had been gone too long! Anyway, I’ve taken a couple of outfit snaps in the last… View Full Post