The 411: My piercings

You may not have noticed, but my ears are pretty well…..adorned. I’ve never really done a post on my piercings so I thought today was the day! I’ve covered everything from actual piercing deets to… View Full Post

Having a moment: Yellow

Ok so first of all, just re-reading this and I feel like you can really tell when the coffee has gone straight to my brain (/heart) and then I decide to write a blog post.… View Full Post

Outfit Diary: iPhone style

Hi hi hi, I am still in the sunshine on holiday and loving it. Definitely needed the beach, I had been gone too long! Anyway, I’ve taken a couple of outfit snaps in the last… View Full Post

Spring inspiration

Today is the first official day of spring. If you’re reading this from the UK…I know….ridiculous (there have been some reports of a ‘white easter’….not a fan) but nevertheless it is Spring! Therefore I thought… View Full Post

Slope style; Moncler

More fashion week coverage but a little bit different today. Is it just me or isn’t skiwear just so chic?! I think it always looks so cute and I would definitely wear the leggings etc….as… View Full Post