Glossier solution first impression

If you’ve been scrolling aimlessly through instagram or twitter in the last month or so, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Glossier solution. Basically it’s an affordable version of Lotion 50 by Biologique Recherch√© i.e;… View Full Post

New natural skincare

I feel as though every time I visit the US I always end up posting or collating several new all natural products, there’s just more to choose from over here and shopping for them seems… View Full Post

Off to therapy

Hey hey hey, so I’m a having slight nightmare with my skin atm, hormonal acne is real and it is annoying. Honestly, I never had acne or really bad spots as a teenager so I… View Full Post

Some favourites

Hiya, how is everyone (rhetorical question I can’t hear your response) I’m writing this from a Starbucks, how basic but anyway, just wanted to share with you some makeup/skincare goodies I’ve been really into recently.… View Full Post

Mini beauty haul

Hiya, it’s about that time again…Sephora time. Although none of these products came from Sephora which is ironic but I’m sure it will be the kick off for some other beauty hauls that will follow…… View Full Post