Off to therapy

Hey hey hey, so I’m a having slight nightmare with my skin atm, hormonal acne is real and it is annoying. Honestly, I never had acne or really bad spots as a teenager so I… View Full Post

My Skincare routine

Hiya! So  a while ago I did a post called ‘How I fixed my skin’ which was all about some changes I made in order to rescue my what was then suffering skin. When I was… View Full Post

It takes 2 baby

Hiya! Ok so as you know by this point I am a slight psychopath when it comes to my skincare and I will try anything (if I can afford it lol #ballinonabudget). Recently (as in… View Full Post

Skincare Update

Hiya, So as you may or may not have noticed I’m BIG into skincare. Honestly I will drop $$$ on a good piece of skincare. The right skincare can give you a good base in which to apply… View Full Post

The List

Hi Hi Hi, Today is going to be the start of a new series called ‘the list’. It’s basically a collation of products inspired by trends of the moment and events etc (i.e coachella…mmm k… View Full Post