Outfit Diary: Tavira, Portugal

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then first of all there is a link to it either on the side or bottom of the page or search ‘@amy_heather_cooper’ to find me lol and second… View Full Post

Outfit Diary

These iPhone style outfit diaries seem to be really popular on here so here;s another! A lot of my time out here (yes, I am still away) I’ve worn the same outfits as I did… View Full Post

What’s in my bag

Bumbags, fanny packs, whatever you call them I’m so glad people are making cute versions of them now because they are immensely practical (especially if you live in a big city and are constantly aware… View Full Post

Outfit Diary

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, life has been kind of crazy at the moment with travelling and work. Anyway here is another outfit diary for ya all from NYC! As per the last… View Full Post


I am a details kinda girl when it comes to aesthetics/appearance/outfits etc…. so much so that I am constantly being made fun of by my friends for being slightly psychotically pedantic about ‘ridiculous’ (you say… View Full Post