Breakfast Reads

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things to do every morning is take time to have breakfast and read. I like to read with breakfast yes I am the 21st century… View Full Post

Morning Rituals

Hi darlings, it’s currently raining outside and in a bid to do some uni work (as well as having to wait for a plumber all day) I have been cocooned inside (many dance parties have… View Full Post

Transitional beauty products

September is a weird month isn’t it? In the UK, September weather tends to be better than August but cooler. It is the ultimate transitional month.  With the changing of the seasons, I’ve been changing… View Full Post

Everyday Makeup

Writing this post currently in Boston (although I’ll be back in the U.K. by the time you’ll be reading it….spooky! Ok not really.) hence why it’s a slightly different backdrop. I thought I’d do a… View Full Post

It takes 2 baby

Hiya! Ok so as you know by this point I am a slight psychopath when it comes to my skincare and I will try anything (if I can afford it lol #ballinonabudget). Recently (as in… View Full Post