Tavira charms

So you may have noticed some lil jewellery pieces in my Tavira Outfit diary and I thought I’d do a whole post on Portuguese jewellery because it is incredible. A very nice man at a… View Full Post

Gold baby, solid gold

Hi hi hi, fashion post today all about jewellery, what I’ve been wearing recently (and by recently I mean the past 2 months) all that good stuff. Pretty much all the pieces I got for… View Full Post

Luxe for less

If you’ve checked Instagram in the past year or so you may have noticed some themes in particular jewellers ‘it girls’ and models seem to favour. Brands such as Luvaj, M jewellers & Mejuri have… View Full Post

The Bling Ring

Ok first of all, if you haven’t seen the movie ‘The Bling Ring’ go watch it (the actual film not the weird documentary type thing with Vanessa Hudgen’s BF) – totally weird and ridiculous and… View Full Post

Well worn

Hi hi, I’ve been noticing a bit of a pattern with the jewellery I’ve been wearing in the past month or so….that is none apart from one of these pairs of earrings that are all… View Full Post