WTF is lymphatic drainage

Y’know when you wake up and your eyes feel kinda sore, or even your throat but not in a sick way or you look in the mirror and your face is kinda puffy and maybe… View Full Post

Wtf is acupuncture

Since I’ve been in New York I’ve been feeling a bit ‘off’ – my skin has been crazy, I’ve had a lot of random bloating & digestive issues and my back has been playing up… View Full Post

The List

Hiya, it’s another edition of ‘The List’ today! There’s kind of a workout theme unintentionally as I’ve been getting back into running etc after my interning hiatus! Hope you enjoy… Lana Del Rey Vinyl Sweaty… View Full Post

I'm into it

Hiya! Today is an ‘I’m into it’ post, there’s a lot of fashion faves in this one…idk why I’ve just been super into it lately (maybe i can sense my imminent return to university I.E:… View Full Post