I am a details kinda girl when it comes to aesthetics/appearance/outfits etc…. so much so that I am constantly being made fun of by my friends for being slightly psychotically pedantic about ‘ridiculous’ (you say… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Happy humpday (all 10 minutes left of it), I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and I find the best way to get out of that is to try and feel good about… View Full Post

Outfit Diary: iPhone edition

Seeing as the last one went down quite well I thought I would do another iPhone outfit diary! I’ve been storing these up for a while now so it’s a bit longer for you (you’re… View Full Post

Summer Inspiration

I know summer is not officially until June 22nd (don’t quote me) but it’s definitely heating up…alot and the sun is out most day (the absolute dream) so what better time to have some summer… View Full Post

Having a moment: Yellow

Ok so first of all, just re-reading this and I feel like you can really tell when the coffee has gone straight to my brain (/heart) and then I decide to write a blog post.… View Full Post