LFW Beauty

Hi hi hi, time for another beauty wrap up from fashion week. This time its LFW. I felt like the runway was filled with lots of clean, natural minimalist makeup or completely wacky   looks…no… View Full Post

Slope style; Moncler

More fashion week coverage but a little bit different today. Is it just me or isn’t skiwear just so chic?! I think it always looks so cute and I would definitely wear the leggings etc….as… View Full Post

It was acceptable in the 80s; Alberta Ferretti

Update; It’s still fashion week. Consequently, here we are again looking at another beautiful collection by Alberta Ferretti. The only way I can think to summarise this A/W collection is ‘Assassin walks into Studio 54’ and… View Full Post

Crushing on; Alice & Olivia

Another fashion week post for you all today. This time round, it’s Alice & Olivia. Let’s just get this out the way, they killed it. 90’s-meets-Studio 54 with a hint of Gossip-Girl-socialite-vibes. I am obsessed…and… View Full Post

A Zimmerman love affair

Ok hi, hi, hi, don’t know if you’re aware but it’s fashion week (Question. Why do we not say ‘fashion weekS’. We just state that it’s fashion week when really it’s a month it just… View Full Post