Baby Doll lashes

Hey hey, new post for a new mascara. So fun fact, my eyes keep burning and watering and will not stop for about 20-30 mins (fun, totally fine, completely normal), spur of the moment; at… View Full Post

Off to therapy

Hey hey hey, so I’m a having slight nightmare with my skin atm, hormonal acne is real and it is annoying. Honestly, I never had acne or really bad spots as a teenager so I… View Full Post

Christmas gift guide

Hi darlings, I just got back from completing about 60% of my christmas shopping, I am feeling significantly poorer but totally ready for christmas (& more importantly…totally ready for this uni term to be over)… View Full Post

A very Glossy day

Hey hey, happy Monday what are you all doing today? (Not that you can tell me…oh wait! Yes you can you can leave a comment ok cool back to the post) This time last week… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Hi hi hi, happy humpday! Been super busy this week, lots of running around – no time to think or fully unwind but that’s the way I like it sometimes. ANYWAY today is a midweek… View Full Post