Beach state of mind

Hi hi, super quick easy breezy post today, a take on the old midweek motivation but in a more mood-board setting.There seems to be a heatwave happening all over the world atm so I thought… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Long time no posts, I know I know, I’m sorry but the good (debatable) news is that I am finished with university, deadlines done, stuff being moved out etc…etc… so the blog posts should be… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Hello, happy Wednesday. In keeping with last weeks MM ‘theme’ I’m ding a similar holiday, beauty post this week but just to mix it up I’m using my own pics (apart from the quotes…I am… View Full Post

Midweek Motivation

Hi everyone, happy humpday! I’m in a wonderful mood as I fly to Florida today on Easter break (dissertation who?!). As a consequence, this weeks midweek motivation is all beach, beach, beach to spread some… View Full Post

Beach waves 101

Hi hi hi, ok so imagine Bob Marley meets Naomi from the new 90210 (look it up) and that’s my natural hair type…i.e: out of control.  However, over the years I’ve found some tips and… View Full Post