Starry eyed

Hiya, I’ve always been into magical things, as a kid I would always have much rather been a fairy than a princess (s/o to tinkerbell) I just feel a larger connection to them (I am… View Full Post

Style icon: ABBA

Hiya. Ok so I haven’t gone crazy, but I LOVE ABBA!!!! Always have and always will. In fact when I was younger, on christmas eve I got really ill and watched a 2 hour documentary… View Full Post

What's in my bag?

Hiya!! Today I’m doing an updated what’s in my bag post (an honest one…not that my others aren’t…but I’m not gonna lie and say “oh yes here, I always carry water” because I forget…or here’s a… View Full Post


Hiyaaa so I’ve been wearing chokers for about 3 years but for a while back in September I fell out of love with them. But my obsession has been re-ignited & I’m gonna share some… View Full Post

Style icon: Baby spice

Today’s post is about baby spice because why the heck not?!?! If you and your closest group of girlfriends have not established who’s which spice girl in your group, you’re doing friendship wrong. Usually when… View Full Post