Gettin’ intimate

If you read my Amsterdam Guide (and if you haven’t….here ya go, you’re welcome, I’m just so accommodating) you will know I became obsessed with this brand ‘Love Stories’, they make the most beautiful pj’s,… View Full Post

Outfit Diary

These iPhone style outfit diaries seem to be really popular on here so here;s another! A lot of my time out here (yes, I am still away) I’ve worn the same outfits as I did… View Full Post

Dungarees….here we go again

If you haven’t seen Mamma Mia: Here we go again why are you reading this post, do yourself a favour and go see it. My Dad enjoyed it so I mean there’s that. Also young… View Full Post

Gold baby, solid gold

Hi hi hi, fashion post today all about jewellery, what I’ve been wearing recently (and by recently I mean the past 2 months) all that good stuff. Pretty much all the pieces I got for… View Full Post

The raffia edit

My favourite trend at the moment is raffia (the textured material not the reggae music style (have I made this up…I swear it’s a sub-genre)). Not just in bags (although I’ve listed some cute ones… View Full Post