WTF is lymphatic drainage

Y’know when you wake up and your eyes feel kinda sore, or even your throat but not in a sick way or you look in the mirror and your face is kinda puffy and maybe… View Full Post

Wtf is acupuncture

Since I’ve been in New York I’ve been feeling a bit ‘off’ – my skin has been crazy, I’ve had a lot of random bloating & digestive issues and my back has been playing up… View Full Post

Yes, I lost my period for 5 years

First of all, if you’re thinking ‘TMI’….you’re wrong. Secondly, if you’re a guy and you read that title with even a hint of disgust…please do us all a favour, grow some balls and man up… View Full Post

WTF is a dosha

Ok so I know a lot of you will have read the title and now be a) confused or b) little disturbed but a dosha is not as weird (or as phallic) as it sounds.  Dosha… View Full Post

Healthy Habits

A quick disclaimer before you start reading…get a coffee and a snack because this post is a long one, but it’s so worth it (in my opinion) so settle down & keep reading… I recently… View Full Post