Why drink water?

Hiya, I love water. I love swimming in it, I love adding sparkly pink bath bombs to it and another thing…I love drinking it & I am here to tell you why! Benefits of water… View Full Post

I’m into it

Hiya, it’s one of these… Large clear rimmed glasses I have no idea why I love these so much but I do. They’re cool and go well with all face shapes and hair cuts because… View Full Post

GF/DF pizza recipe

It’s been a while since I posted a recipe so here is one I have been loving right now. Back in the day when I wasn’t intolerant to many foods (lol tbt) I wasn’t that… View Full Post

Insta inspo

Hiya! So this is going to be the start of a few posts where I take a form of social media I am inspired by and basically throw accounts and images all together in 1 post…so GET… View Full Post

Kale pesto recipe

Today is a recipe post of Kale pesto! This is a combination of several different recipes I have seen over the past week and I decided to try it out! Super simple to make and… View Full Post