Healthy Habits

A quick disclaimer before you start reading…get a coffee and a snack because this post is a long one, but it’s so worth it (in my opinion) so settle down & keep reading… I recently… View Full Post

Power Playlist to kick off your week

Happy Monday everyone! Bit of a crazy week coming up so I thought I’d make a playlist to spread some good vibes incase you, like me, have a bit of a hectic week flying at… View Full Post

The List

Hiya, it’s another edition of ‘The List’ today! There’s kind of a workout theme unintentionally as I’ve been getting back into running etc after my interning hiatus! Hope you enjoy… Lana Del Rey Vinyl Sweaty… View Full Post

Midweek motivation

Hiya! Such a busy busy week this week. Hopefully this post will give you some calming vibes if your week has been hectic too. I have also been super into cooking the past couple of… View Full Post

How I fixed my skin

Hiya! So most people particularly teenage-twenty-something year olds have if not bad skin then skin that is prone to flareups (or you’re perfect….lucky you). Recently, since last September actually, my skin has been so bad… View Full Post