Winding Down

I know I K N O W….It’s a been a while and a half but life’s been busy y’know. Let me give you a quick summary in order to justify my behaviour (not really). I… View Full Post

Transitional beauty

If you haven’t read my post about transitional fashion then either go read that then come back to this or read it straight after you’ve red this because they’re kind of a duo. Like I… View Full Post

Beach state of mind

Hi hi, super quick easy breezy post today, a take on the old midweek motivation but in a more mood-board setting.There seems to be a heatwave happening all over the world atm so I thought… View Full Post

Island face

You’ve heard of winter face (probably) well today we’re talking’ island face, as in how to look like you’ve spent time on an island even if you’ve actually been inside watching re-runs of New Girl…..anyway…… View Full Post

WTF is lymphatic drainage

Y’know when you wake up and your eyes feel kinda sore, or even your throat but not in a sick way or you look in the mirror and your face is kinda puffy and maybe… View Full Post