Winding Down

I know I K N O W….It’s a been a while and a half but life’s been busy y’know. Let me give you a quick summary in order to justify my behaviour (not really).

  1. I moved
  2. I started a new job (and by new I just mean ‘I started a job’ seeing as previously I was simply an unemployed university graduate)
  3. I’ve been questioning the meaning of the blog (very millennial existential crisis-y of me…I know.)

On that third one I may do a whole post on it because tbh I just want to write out my ramblings and that’s kind of what this whole blog started out as in the first place (lucky you!!!!). 

Anyway, this post is not about that you’ll be glad to hear/read(?!). Today I want to talk about how to not feel sh*t in the winter! (So upbeat atm) SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder is very much real and whether you consciously notice it or not, it’s very easy to collapse into a depressive mental state this time of year – especially when it starts getting dark at 5pm. 

That is why I think it is incredibly important to have a routine this time of year. So you can go through the motions but also just get to a place of feeling good about yourself and taking the time to take care of yourself. Like I said, one of the trickiest times of day this time of year is the evening as it’s dark outside and usually the temperature has drastically dropped. A night routine can really help with this so you can wind down and treat the darker colder nights more as ‘cozy’ rather than dreary!

So that being said, below are some of my favourite products/things to do when winding down for the night…





You’ll notice that I mention PJ’s and a robe in this list because as someone who used to frequent the whole ‘huge t-shirt to bed’ thing, nothing feels better than wearing a high quality lovely set of pyjamas to bed and a robe to lounge in. You feel chic, put together and just much better about yourself (which after all is what we’re aiming for right?!). I love these robes by Kate Barnet as they’re such high quality for the price, the designs are absolutely beautiful and they feel amazing to chill in. I was sent both of these robes but my opinion would not differ were I to have paid for them! Seriously they’re the dream I’ve linked both of these designs below but check out her others (oh! and they’d make a lovely christmas present idea….just face it it’s basically November ok you gotta start thinking about these things).

Pink Trellis

Black Pansy


Talk to you later,

Amy, xo



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