Transitional beauty

If you haven’t read my post about transitional fashion then either go read that then come back to this or read it straight after you’ve red this because they’re kind of a duo. Like I said, September is a tricky transitional month no just in terms of what to wear but skin/makeup too. It gets a little chiller, back to school increases cortisol levels and both of these together can leave your skin feeling a little drier and more prone to breakouts. My favourite tactic when it come to conquering these issues is to 1) Take extra care with my skin making sure to treat it delicately and 2) draw more attention to my eyes to distract from any skin dilemmas I may be having. This post is all about what products I’ve been swearing by to help me with these two points!



Armani Mascara

Around this time last year my eyes started getting super sensitive and reacting to different mascaras. I purchased the YSL baby doll and it worked like a dream, unfortunately that ran out but (and yes I am aware this is probably totally placebo effect) in a bid to try and keep my eyes dry I decided to give another slightly pricier mascara a go! As much as I liked the baby doll, I found that it didn’t give my lashes much volume which I missed. There is no mistaking that the Armani mascara was made to thicken your lashes – I reckon it could border on clumpy if you apply too many coats but 2-3 is fine! So far so good, no burning lol (I’m making this sound like an STD) so we’ll see how it goes but I definitely prefer how this looks to the previous YSL offering.

Fresh Clay Mask

Clay masks are a go-to for any skin ailments you may have due to their cleansing properties. Clay masks draw out impurities and toxins. I like to steam my face, cleanse, tone and then apply a clay mask to help clear up my skin (you can even do a light layer and sleep in it). The Fresh mask is great as it’s primarily made with white clay which doesn’t dry out your skin but still acts in the same why as any other clay product.

The Ordinary oil

If you want to know how I use this then read about my lymphatic drainage post but this oil works. Potentially a combination of this and my recent habitual jade rolling but my fine lines (yes I have them…I actually have led a fairly stressful life….yes I know you don’t believe me but that’s your own problem okkkkk) have dissolved and my skin is glowing! Also The Ordinary creates wonderful inexpensive dupes to higher end products so definitely see if there’s an Ordinary product for your skincare need before you incest in something more pricey. Babe on a budget…am I right?!

Smith & Cult Liner

Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much a borderline cult fan of the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner but there is something so easy about just a pen liner and this one is excellent. It onset start off with a weird dry bit before the ink flows so you get a slick line straight away (just realised writing about beauty sounds slightly like an erotic novel but whatever). Smith & Cult is also an awesome brand – check out their 5 free nail polishes whilst you’re at it.

Bobbi Brown Beach perfume

Dyu wanna know why this perfume is perfect for transitioning to Autumn? Because it lets you hold onto summer. With the faintest undertone of suncream, this perfume is summer in a bottle. It’s fresh, easy, breezy and is literally the beach bottled. 

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