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Summer is over.

I know, I know, I feel it too – the impending doom of darker days and colder temperatures. Being ‘in the mood’ for soup and dousing your pillow in Olbas oil because your sinuses are blocked for the hundredth times, googling ‘warmest places in November’ and frantically seeing if cheap flights are available and using the excuse of ‘it’s too cold’ to get out of…well….basically anything.


Yes we are reaching that point, but fear not for a piece of summer can now always be with you. How? Shell jewellery. If you haven’t seen some sort of shell inspired piece around then well where have you been. Add a piece to your outfit, they go with anything and long live summer! (Also keep an eye out for coral inspired pieces….I have a feeling they’re going to start popping up everywhere for Autumn/Winter).

shell jewellry.jpg

Brinker & Eliza


Isabel Marant


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