Tavira charms

Copy of Jewlerry (dragged)

So you may have noticed some lil jewellery pieces in my Tavira Outfit diary and I thought I’d do a whole post on Portuguese jewellery because it is incredible. A very nice man at a flea market stall explained to myself and Lou that as a lot of gold and stones etc…are excavated or found in Portugal then the government let Portuguese locals buy their own wares before tax is added and they’re shipped (a different man at a flea market stall told me I reminded him of ‘the movie and the boogie…ABBA! the girl’ so there’s that also)! Therefore, jewellery is super cheap but high quality. Below are some close-ups of all the pieces I got, take a look for some inspo and if you’re in Tavira then definitely go and take a look in all the small boutiques down all the side streets to see what unique goodies you can find!

Talk to ya later,

Amy, xo

Copy of Jewlerry (dragged) 1

Moonstone studs

Copy of Jewlerry (dragged) 2

Sterling silver pink flowers

Copy of Jewlerry (dragged) 3

Moonstone crystal charmsCopy of Jewlerry (dragged) 4

Gold & diamond ring

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