Outfit Diary: Tavira, Portugal

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram then first of all there is a link to it either on the side or bottom of the page or search ‘@amy_heather_cooper’ to find me lol and second of all then you won’t know I’ve been in Tavira, Portugal for the last week. Yes that’s right I survived just over a week back in the U.K. before I had to set off on some more travels but I’m back for the foreseeable future now and ready to write some more posts!

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Top (similar)


Shoes (similar)

Tavira is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, if you get the chance you simply have to go! Oh and get the gelato from ‘Gelataria Delizia’ and also, if you go to Tavira Island beach, the chairs to the far right are nicer and a lot quieter. As you’ve probably gathered, today’s post is kind of a mishmash of outfit diary and general catch up. I posted a lot of outfit pics on my insta whilst I was away so you can always have a quick flick there but all the deets etc…will be listed and linked here. 

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Dress (similar)

Tavira kind of reminds me of Venice in a way, it’s small, everything is local and the restaurants are kind of all packed in together down side streets where the tables take over the pavement for the evening and there’s barely any seating indoors! Luckily, we travelled on the week post the insane heatwave (50 degrees +) but we still had an amazing amount of sun and temperatures of over 30! We rented bikes one day from ‘Abilio Bikes’ which I would highly recommend and cycled down to the neighbouring town of Santa Luzia which is a real beach town but you can also cycle through salt fields where flamingos hang out! 

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Top (similar)


The markets in Tavira are also incredible. Lou & I picked up a bunch of super cheap handmade pottery for our flat including bowls, mugs and dishes as well as a shell mobile all for under €30 (getting them home is a whole other story but we’ve managed!!) I also broke my $8 pair of Free  People sunnies #RIP but picked up a vintage pair from the 60s at a flee market where upon trying them on the owner of the stall stated ‘wow….sorry….wow, I can not say but you remind me of the boogie and the film…..ABBA! Sorry yes but things happen for a reason & I set out the sunglasses last and you come and see those and wow you are her yes’ so I mean there’s that. Then again, I was wearing dungarees so I get the mamma Mia reference. 

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Top (similar)


We tended to pack the days in and eat light, then have proper evenings of dinner, drinks & gelato every night when it was cooler. The great thing about Tavira is that at night you can dress up and not feel out of place (which I personally love) but you can also wear the same clothes you wore to the beach and that’s chill too. Tavira lounge is THE best for drinks, they do the best margarita I’ve ever had and also there’s a really cute waiter lol 👼🏽 

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2 piece

Rings and moonstone earrings from Portuguese boutique

Ooo another Tavira tip! A lot of gold is produced in Portugal but because a lot of the area is still fairly poor they sell it cheap to locals so they have a chance to buy there own wares before import tax is added so Jewelry is high quality but really cheap – a lot of the pieces featured in this post are authentic Portuguese handmade pieces which I am just in love with. So yes basically what I’m saying is I bought pottery and Jewelry because I am 21 going on 35. 

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Polka dot bikini

Scallop Bikini Top

Ribbed bikini bottoms

White shirt

I hope you enjoyed this post & if you’ve been to Tavira or Portugal then please leave your recommendations below!

Talk to ya soon. 

Amy, xo

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