Rehab hair….literally

You may remember I did a book review a while back which included ‘How to murder your life’ by Cat Marnell. If you haven’t heard of Marnell (Google….now) she is an ex-beauty editor and probably most famously…..a drug addict….who uses her addiction to write hilariously witty and unapologetic articles such as how to look good when you haven’t slept and you’re strung out on adderall. This means that you know a recommendation from her is going to be l e g i t and will work heavy-duty.

Nou Nou 3.jpg

This brings us to Davines Nou Nou shampoo and conditioner otherwise known as the shampoo and conditioner Marnell uses in her 2nd….3rd?! stint in rehab. Yes rehab….these are so rehabilitation products for your hair and soul (?!) Basically if you want the softest, smoothest, shiniest hair you’ve ever had in your life…buy these. They smell amazing and genuinely your hair will thank you, it really is rehab for your hair.

Nou Nou 2.jpg

Nou Nou 1.jpg

Get yourself some Davines….maybe some cute rehab approved pjs and an adderall prescription (….jkjk I don’t condone drug use, just staying on theme here!!!!), xo


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