Dungarees….here we go again

If you haven’t seen Mamma Mia: Here we go again why are you reading this post, do yourself a favour and go see it. My Dad enjoyed it so I mean there’s that. Also young Bill is the finest thing on TV right now so there is also that/him (@_joshdylan on instagram…..you’re welcome for the plug Josh, buy me a drink xoxo). This movie is also bringing back with it not just ABBA hits but the denim dungaree trend. They’re cute, they’re easy and I think this time around they’ve been heightened a bit – ‘chic’d’ up if you will (I just threw up a bit in my mouth….whatever). White top + dungarees + heels = winning combination. Last winter I wore a lot of knitted long sleeve black tees with black dungarees and heels, I loved it and it basically became my uniform but now we have the summer edition! Here are some of my fave brands to buy them & celebs doing it well;




Free People

I was trying to think of a Mamma Mia pun to round this off but I can’t so sorry for the let down, I’ll talk to ya later.

Amy, xo






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