Island face

You’ve heard of winter face (probably) well today we’re talking’ island face, as in how to look like you’ve spent time on an island even if you’ve actually been inside watching re-runs of New Girl…..anyway…

It’s super easy requires minimum effort (win) and looks like you have no makeup on which is always a plus (in my opinion). Keep reading for the deets!



So first things first here’s what you need:

Becca light palette (or just a good dark bronzer)

Diorshow brow gel (or again, just a good brow gel)

(Messy hair & slightly-stoned-looking selfies are not necessary but highly recommended)


Get ready for the most basic-ass (is that an expression?!) tutorial in your life.

Ok all you do is;

Mix the 2 powders shown above via a heart (peace and love y’know) and using a h u g e fluffy brush put it by your hairline on your face as well as the cheekbones, neck and d√©colletage. Basically anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face.

Then apply a bit to your nose (you can swipe some blusher over the top also so you look a lil but burnt).

Finally, add some brow gel to your brows if necessary and give your eyelashes a quick swipe with it too. That’s really the trick as it opens up your eyes without looking as though you’ve put any eye makeup on.¬†


Et voila! (Told you it was basic.) You are now an island kissed goddess….you’re welcome

Talk to ya later

Amy, xo

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