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I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things to do every morning is take time to have breakfast and read. I like to read with breakfast yes I am the 21st century equivalent of all those men in the old movies who have a paper infant of them at the breakfast table. Anyway if it’s not a book then I have some sites on rotation which I like to have a look through and I thought I would share those with you today! They also make excellent commute reads and as it’s summer and a lot of people will be doing work experience/interning/travelling, I figure these may be a nice way to pass any commuting time!

If you have any suggestions of your own please comment them below too, enjoy

Amy, xo

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Money Diaries – Refinery 29

I have no idea how I discovered this but Refinery 29 do an article about once or twice a week where ‘anonymous’ women document their spending habits in a diary format and it’s published. Each article begins with their expenses, job and living situation as well as any utilities and the rest is then a diary with a full financial breakdown to conclude, It sounds super dry but it really isn’t. Most of the women write with wit and total honesty as they remain anonymous – the result is an article that’s fun to read which may give you some frugality tips of your own. As well as this, I think it’s great that articles like this are being published. I hate when there’s a stigma around talking about something and at university I noticed that that was definitely money. If articles like this can help people just be more honest and open in discussing finances then it’s a definite win.

Architectural Digest home tours 

Ok this is the ‘old soul’ in me coming out but I have been obsessed with peoples homes and interiors since I was little (no but seriously I was obsessive….so much so that I used to go round to my friends homes and then proceed to clean and ‘redecorate’ their bedrooms for them). The AD home tours are basically my crack and they have such a variety of people who participate from Mandy Moore to Tommy Hilfiger. Also the majority of participants (especially Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy) know a lot about their homes and the origins of what’s in and out of their house so they’re often very interesting as well as being aesthetically beautiful. 

Bon Appé

I love this magazine, my Mum has always bought this when we are in the States and the photographs are always beautiful but that’s not what I am discussing now. Bonappé is surprisingly witty as well as delicious. A great place to find a new recipe if you’re stuck on what to have for dinner tonight but also a great place if you’re looking for some lighthearted entertainment around food. An example of this is a recent article titled “All of the uneaten food on ‘The Bachelorette’ this season so far” which has the byline: “The following foods were tragically ignored this week: an entire Bundt cake, steak, chicken of some kind, and homemade focaccia.”. The foodie site also gives city guides, interviews with chefs from some of instagram’s most ‘grammed’ restaurants and cooking shopping guides. If you consider yourself even slightly ‘a foodie’ I would definitely recommend!

Who What Wear’s online magazine

WWW is of course a renowned blog/platform for all things fashion but my favourite of theirs to read is the monthly online magazine which has featured covergirls such as Emma Roberts, Zoey Deutch & Kate Bosworth (basically the dream team?!).It’s layed out in a magazine style format with an in-depth interview but it’s free (obvious major bonus), there’s video accompaniment and something about it is just slightly more interactive. Don’t get me wrong, I love an old school magazine (I actually low key hoard them ahahahaha I’m fine!) but this is easy to read if you’re commuting or just have your phone OR your bumbag doesn’t fit a whole magazine #2018probs and it’s great content

Pocket app

This app is one of those things where you think “why didn’t I think of that”, pocket is essentially an offline article database. Lemme explain, you see an article whilst on Twitter/a blog/instagram and you don’t have time to read it in that moment but you don’t want to lose it, pocket stores it for you. Or you want to read an article but you’ve run out of data or you know you’ll be on the tube with no wifi & there’s something you want to read…pocket stores it for you. All you do is download it and then when you find said article you simply add it to your pocket! I’m telling you this because obviously all of the above are web articles and this app makes it easy to keep them all in one place, ready for you to read whenever!

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