Sephora Haul

I mentioned I hadn’t done the typical Sephora haul which reminded me that I hadn’t done the typical Sephora haul. So, here it is – everything is linked below along with any first impressions I have!

Amy, xo



Glamglow glowstarter

I originally got this as a travel size gift with purchase but loved it so much I had to get the full size (well played Sephora….well played). It gives you the perfect glow under your makeup and works as a fantastic moisturiser plus it has a slight coverage/light reflective properties so you can wear this with no other makeup if you just want a little boost of confidence going to the gym or popping out. It also smells amazing….which is a plus….who doesn’t want a fragrant face (?!?!?!)

Living Proof humidity shield

Heat and natural curly hair equals frizz and general bad hair vibes. Enter this anti-humidity spray. This has really been a life saver whilst I’ve interned as I’m in the office all day and need my hair to not get crazy on me. You simply spritz the ends as if it were hairspray (but dw, no crunch.)  and you’re good to go!

Fresh rose toner

Fresh is probably my favourite skincare brand, I swear by every product I’ve bought from them. I haven’t been using this toner for long enough to give a full evaluation but I’ll keep you updated

Becca light palette

After seeing many hyped reviews about this palette I tried it in store and the pigment quality is amazing! I’m all about the glow and this is a great way to fake one. The setting powder is particularly good but the whole palette is the perfect mix of not sparkly but not shiny, it simply makes your skin radiate as if it was from the inside out. Win! (Also I imagine this would be good if you had hangover skin?! Just a thought)

Christophe Robin scalp scrub

I have heard only good things about this product and after wanting a scalp scrub for a while (they help get rid of product build up and encourage hair growth) I picked up the travel size of this one to give it a try. I’ve only used once but so far I really like it. It does exactly what it says and weirdly has made my hair incredibly soft considering it’s a scrub(?!)

Dior nude skin foundation

This is extremely watery and is as if you’re applying a serum with coverage onto your face – I feel as though that does not sound appealing, but it is. Think about it, serums are super hydrating right? Well, this foundation is the same. It goes on very light as well due to the watery consistency. So basically, you’ve got a super hydrating, light and fluffy, medium coverage foundation….appealing now right?! 

Too Faced lip injection lip gloss

Honestly I don’t know if these work in the plumping area but I love how minty ‘lip maximiser’ glosses can be and I also quite like the tingly feeling….ok moving on….this also kind of smells like an old school lip smacker which I personally enjoy.

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