What’s in my shower

Another beauty post (I don’t write one for ages and now multiple come along at once….I’m turning into a bus or ‘a nice guy’…great.) but focussed on body beauty this time. Honestly is there a better feeling than getting into a cool shower after a hot day of running around? I think not and that is precisely what I’ve been doing everyday in this NYC heat wave. Consequently I feel like I have curated a wonderful ‘shower shelf’ if you will and got my routine down to a T so I can maximise a minimum amount of time  (couple songs tops, preserve water people). Keep reading for all the deets!

Amy, xo

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Charcoal soap

The benefits of charcoal are endless but in terms of soap it helps; reduce acne, removes toxins, reduce the instances of acne as well as other skin impurities and can help completely remove makeup! I’ve been using this instead of shower gel as it helps cut down on my plastic consumption as well which is a bonus.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Truth be told this is the shampoo & conditioner combination that my Mum left with me at the start of this trip but seeing as we’re both blondes, that’s hardly an issue. I actually really like both of these products and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my hairs ‘glow’ (is that a thing?! I want it to be if not.)

Christophe Robin scrub

I have heard only good things about this product and after wanting a scalp scrub for a while (they help get rid of product build up and encourage hair growth) I picked up the travel size of this one to give it a try. I’ve only used once but so far I really like it. It does exactly what it says and weirdly has made my hair incredibly soft considering it’s a scrub(?!)

Kate Somerville cleanser

I’ve spoken about this cleanser before but I’ve rephrased it several times, I haven’t found a better cleanser on the market and paired with the little scrub pad it works as a great exfoliant which helps clears blackheads etc…

Travel razor

Myself & my seemingly permanent roommate Lou (@louiseeconnor….you’re welcome Lou) both agree that this baby razor is better than the norm. The handle is easier to hold, the razor head is fab and it’s tiny so it’s super practical and takes up minimum room. It’s quick and easy, 10/10 would recommend.



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