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Today is a little beauty post, I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve done one of these so I thought it was about time! Especially as I have yet to do a Sephora Haul. I’ve broken my whole routine down into ‘phases’ so you can refer to different sections for different products (this will make more sense as you continue reading). I’ve also included a little getting ready playlist at the bottom for when you’re putting your makeup on in the mornings (or evenings) because nothing goes together better than getting ready and dancing…..and ironically I’m off to bed now, enjoy!

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So above is a little overview of all the products I use, everything will be linked as I discuss it so do not fret, I got chu. 


Dior Nude Air Foundation

This is extremely watery and is as if you’re applying a serum with coverage onto your face – I feel as though that does not sound appealing, but it is. Think about it, serums are super hydrating right? Well, this foundation is the same. It goes on very light as well due to the watery consistency. So basically, you’ve got a super hydrating, light and fluffy, medium coverage foundation….appealing now right?!

Clinique SPF

Now I am an old (21) maid (yes I am being over dramatic for comic effect) I am trying to take really good care of my skin and something everyone always emphasises is how important wearing SPF day in day out is for anti-aging. This Clinique one I have repurchased several time as I genuinely think it helps clean up my skin and seems to do the job without any complaints!

Bobbi Brown serum concealer

Going along with the whole serum makeup thing, this concealer I always come back to. It’s my Mum’s favourite too so clearly it’s good all round. Blends well and naturally, which is ideal, and it has a doe foot applicator which makes touch ups super easy.

RMS highlight

Praised by makeup artists as a game changing highlight & I have to agree. This literally looks like tiny water droplets are shimmering on your cheekbones, an affect that’s both beautiful and incredibly natural. The colour is universal and very flattering. I just dab some on my cheeks, nose and cupids bow & I’m good to go.

Hoola Bronzer

EVERYONE owns this and for good reason, it doesn’t make you glitter, the shade is incredibly wearable and not…how do I say this… island-y(?!). If you want to look like you just stepped off the beach and accidentally ‘caught some sun’ this is the bronzer or you. Oh and I also don’t do the whole ‘3’ thing, just put it where you actually would catch some sun and it’ll look much more natural!


Dior Brow Gel

I am a huge advocate for Dior brow products. They work the best out of everything I’ve used and their ‘light brown’ shade is a perfect colour match for me! This gel is no different and doesn’t dry super stiff so you negate that feeling like you’ve got pva glue stuck in your eyebrows…yay!

Bobbi Brown eyeliner

I can’t apply eyeliner and I am also incredibly specific about how my eyeliner is applied because as far as I can tell there’s only one way which suits me. However, this gel pot liner makes the whole experience efficient and foolproof (which is good as I am…a fool) – I use the Bobbi Brown gel brush as they’re made to work together and they do…excellently.

Lash food extensions

This is my newest makeup purchase – back in the day, Too Faced (I think) came out with an ‘eyelash fibre extension’ mascara where you brushed little white fibres onto your eyelashes, let them dry and then coated them in normal mascara. The theory was smart, the execution was clumpy, messy and uncomfortable. However, it’s 2018 and it is the year of the eyelash extension so it makes sense that a brand has created an easy and comfortable mascara which does the job, oh and it’s all natural, 10/10 from me! (& I didn’t have to drop £70+ on a set of lashes.)

YSL baby doll

This is my standard mascara which I like to layer on top of the aforementioned. I have big lips and the only way to balance them out is big lashes ok.


Bite Agave Mask

If your lips are suffering from this world wide heat wave then this is perfect. Leave overnight as a thick lip treatment or apply throughout the day as a lip balm. They have lots of tints and it smells (and tastes) amazing.

Laura Mercier lipstick

My favourite lipstick formula of all time I have this in several shades (Spiced rose, dulce de leche & creme coral) find your faves and stock up – they’re creamy, hold really well and are fairly inexpensive!

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick

I’ve spoken about this before but this is the only coral-y (the names above are deceiving) lipstick I venture into wearing and it never lets me down (I’m wearing it in the image below). CT lipstick formulas are again brilliantly creamy and not dehydrating.

Clinique lip pop

A recent discovery of mine (thank you Heathrow Duty Free). These are like a lipgloss lipstick hybrid and I’m obsessed with the shade ‘wink’, I’ve worn it almost everyday for a month now, it’s super flattering and I love how these feel on my lips! Also they’re the perfect ‘pop in your purse’ size.


Coola setting spray

The final step is setting everything with a spray (I have a travel size so I can use it to cool (…get it? ‘cool’…’coolA’…..anyway) down throughout the day….NYC is baking hot so I definitely need this!

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 23.11.20.png

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