Yes, I lost my period for 5 years

First of all, if you’re thinking ‘TMI’….you’re wrong. Secondly, if you’re a guy and you read that title with even a hint of disgust…please do us all a favour, grow some balls and man up xoxo

I felt like I had to write this post after talking to my Mum and realising that this is an issue so many girls and women deal with but no one talks about. That is the concept of ‘losing’ your period. 

So in order to talk about this topic I feel like I need to give a little back story. I got my period a little later than a lot of my friends, I was about 15. Everything was pretty easy going and normal, a bit sporadic but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, in 2013 I found out I was severely anaemic (low in iron (I was also low in a plethora of other vitmains but that’s another story…)) and then went in for spinal fusion surgery (again, another story for another time) and had my last period in hospital (R O U G H  A F lemme tell you)…..for nearly five years….YES, 5. 


If you’re wondering ‘ummmm what?!’ You’re not alone because that was precisely my thought for the majority of those years. What proceeded was a huge amount of tests; bloods, ultrasounds (not pregnant btw), hormone testing, colonoscopy, endoscopy (yikes) – you name it, I’ve probably had it.  I was also on/off the pill for 2 years but I hated it and it messed up my hormone levels making them weirdly low (yes I tried more than 1/2/3….) Nothing gave an answer, the main thing that came out of the non conclusive testing was that it was most likely that my body was recovering from what it considered ‘trauma’ (major surgery) and therefore was using all it’s energy to recover thus ‘switching off’ my period. This made sense but was incredibly frustrating as it meant there was basically nothing I could do except try not to land in any more ‘trauma’ and not to stress. During this time I really tried to focus on my health.


Pre-surgery I was incredibly unhealthy and had a terrible relationship with myself, food and my body, I decided to focus on working on my health, building up my vitamins and strengthening (is that the right word…?!) my blood. Whilst this was incredibly healing for me, it did not fix my period problems and this seems to be a theme. Many may recommend to fix your diet and start exercising more etc…. and whilst I think these are vitally important for your overall health, it didn’t help my period issues and I haven’t heard any stories saying it fixed anyone elses ‘lost’ period (also exercise addiction and eating disorders can cause you to ‘lose’ your period, this is a different situation and you should see a doctor immediately.) What bought mine back (WE THINK) was another event my body took as a trauma that I won’t go in to now but effectively it triggered the restarting of my period. That was the only thing that restarted it. Since then, things have been pretty normal and consistent with both my hormone levels and my period. 


The purpose behind this post was not to give a solution to anyones ‘lost’ periods but to simply share my story. This problem can make you feel super isolated and weird. I felt so strange discussing it with friends and other girls, I felt like I was 13 again and without ‘a period’ it can really feel demoralising. Consequently, I think it’s important that as women we discuss these things to raise awareness and help others going through similar issues to not feel alone….because believe me, you’re not.

Talk to ya later

Amy, xo 


  1. Daniela May 25, 2018 / 6:10 pm

    Whoa, that is so weird!! I’m glad it’s back though 🙂 I have a friend who lost hers after an emotional trauma about 15 years ago, she never got it back 🙁

    • sunkissedredlips
      May 25, 2018 / 6:34 pm

      Thank you! I think it happens to a lot of women but as, a lot of the time, there’s no clear solution people feel awkward discussing it! I hope your friend is ok, you never know it could make a reappearance xx

  2. Chris April 20, 2019 / 8:37 pm

    I had a friend lose hers for I don’t know how long precisely but she was abusing both meth and heroin for quite a few years. She recently got clean and about 4 months after she stopped using it popped back up out of the….. Blue? I feel red is more fitting, but that is not the phrase lol. I got a text from her while she was at work. Needed an etransfer for emergency tampons and said she never thought her period would come back but she must be getting healthier because it did. She only looks healthier since then and I admire the strives she’s taken to reclaim a positive mindset and healthier way of living

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