Peace Out

It’s Thursday night, you’ve got your best friends birthday tomorrow…you remove your makeup and suddenly realise that you seem to have grown Mount Vesuvius on your forehead. Yelling aggressively and wondering why bad things happen to good people you consider cutting your own fringe just to deal with the situation but then you remember….. Peace Out acne dots.




I hope you enjoyed that story as much as I enjoyed bs-ing it, but for real, Peace Out acne dots are the absolute sh*t. What are acne dots Amy? (I hear you ask), well lemme tell you. They are stickers that you put on spots and 4-6 hours later….your spot….is gone.

G O N E. 



Here’s how they work (i.e the scientific deets):

“These healing acne stickers use salicylic acid to kick acne-causing bacteria to the curb while vitamin A helps speed healing and aloe vera soothes redness. Hydrocolloid technology helps extract impurities while creating a protective barrier that guards against external irritants. In just six hours, your blemish is less red, less painful, and significantly less annoying.” 



Amazing right? Apparently these acne dots have been all the rage in Korea (the mecca of skincare) for years but we’ve been a little slow picking up the trend (thank goodness we have now!!!). The thing I love about these dots is that you could literally wear these throughout the day and you can’t really tell (also I find wearing skincare stuff in the day kind of chic… eye patches under sunglasses etc….rehab chic anyone?!) so if you have an event in the evening you need help killing a zit for – these are your bestie. 

Oh and can we just appreciate this packaging? Love it, love the font and that’s really all that matters with me anyway (kidding! Ok not really)


I also have some Peace Out pore strips I have yet to try but a review will definitely be coming your way once I have so watch out for that! 


Peace Out,

Amy xo

Acne dots sent to me by Peace Out – all opinions are my own… lies here.

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