The 411: My piercings

You may not have noticed, but my ears are pretty well…..adorned. I’ve never really done a post on my piercings so I thought today was the day! I’ve covered everything from actual piercing deets to my fave places for earrings. Keep reading for the 411…. oh and if you have any questions, leave them below.



What are the names of all your piercings?

On my left ear I have my firsts and seconds, a cartilage and my tragus pierced.

On my right ear I have firsts, seconds, thirds, a low helix (cartilage) piercing and my conch

Which piercing was the most painful?

I have a really high pain threshold so none of them were particularly painful for me but tragus and conch were probably the worst!


How do you take care of your piercings?

I literally just leave them and let them do their thing. When I first got my ears pierced I was told to do the whole saline solution, turn your earrings every night routine but then when I started getting more, I was told to not touch them for best results – your body heals itself and it’s worked perfectly for me every time, I’ve never had an infection. However, if the piercing gets a bit itchy I will just run a cotton bud dipped in saline solution around the area.

What’s your favourite place to shop for earrings?

There’s a little boutique in Sarasota I love (annoying I know) but for high street earrings; Topshop & the Accessorize Z collection. For higher quality earrings; Anthropologie.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 18.03.03.png

Do you like to mix metals with your earrings?

YES! You’ll probably see in these photo’s but I love mixing metals I think it looks cooler than mono-metal and it’s also chic.


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