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As you know, or at least you may have noticed by now, I’m a bit of a book worm. This year I’ve really been making an effort to read a lot of non-fiction; books that can help enrich my life that I can learn from. I’ve been documenting any I feel are really amazing & today’s post is adding 3 more titles to that collection; The Slight Edge, Unbranding and The Tipping Point. If you’re looking to learn something new about yourself, business or just life in general I would highly recommend these (ESPECIALLY The Slight Edge honestly I’m obsessed….you’ll realise as you read the review). Each title links to Amazon so you can quickly grab a copy, you’re welcome and enjoy!


The Slight Edge

This book is brilliant. Read it on the flight over and then demanded my Dad read it when I got to Florida (I actually think my Dad is a great example of someone who unknowingly follows and has followed the slight edge principle his whole life, he just hasn’t realised the slight edge is what it was). The slight edge is a principle coined by Jeff Olsen after he realised what made many successful people ‘tick’ including himself. Olsen discusses how he’s been both broke and unhappy, on a downward spiral and also successful and fulfilled…the thing that made all the difference? The Slight Edge.


In a short snappy summary, the slight edge is the idea that every tiny decision you make in your life is either working for or against you and there’s no sitting in the middle. These tiny decisions eventually build (the idea of compound interest comes into play here and several times throughout the book) to create either eventual success or failure. This is not just for work and business either, the slight edge works for health, relationships, work, hobbies, literally anything. If you’re still a little lost, here’s an Amazon review I feel sums it up nicely and some quotes from the book;

“This book takes one simple idea, and pushes it relentlessly. And that one simple idea? Your life is generally transformed through chronic actions, as opposed to acute actions. One pizza won’t make you fat, but 100 pizzas a year might. One workout won’t make you Arnold, but 100 workouts per year might.

With endless examples to make the point, it really drives home the reality of making changes in life. Those who criticise the book’s repetition miss the author’s proof of concept: repetition causes an outcome. And the outcome here is understanding a strong, deceptively simple strategy that causes change. Plainly written, and revealing a truth in plain sight, this is a good book for those prepared to work on themselves with honesty.”



The reason I loved this book so much is because I felt like I had come to this kind of conclusion with my life in the last 6 months or so but had never really articulated it to myself, then when I read this book everything clicked into place. It has really helped me consciously make tiny decisions towards a better version of myself and has had such a positive impact on my thought processes and the way I behave – I can’t recommend this enough. 


I didn’t realise this when I bought the book but apparently the authors of ‘Unbranding’ are a brand in their own right. Alison Kramer and Scott Stratten are authors/bloggers/youtubers etc…. who specialise in marketing or ‘unmarketing’ as they call it. Essentially this book and I believe several others of theirs uses real life examples to illustrate great ways of marketing and branding and ways to really F it up. This particular book looks at 100 case studies; the good the bad and the ugly, from Kendall-Jenner-Pepsi-gate to success stories such as Patagonia.


I found it really insightful especially as I am a branding student currently writing my dissertation. If you find this type of thing interesting at all, give it a try. Kramer & Stratten are witty and incredibly knowledgable, using examples they and their kids have experienced throughout the chapters, to show what amazing and poor customer service looks like and the real impact brands can have on their consumers. Give it a go.

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is basically a study in a book (stay with me). It investigates what the tipping point is for something to become an epidemic, not just medically but anything in society, from Sesame Street to the lowered rate of crime in NYC. It is one of the most interesting books I’ve read and actually has a lot of applicable lessons in it which you could apply to anything but especially when it comes to marketing. It’s really well written and easy to read…it isn’t written like a textbook or formal report (so you won’t fall asleep don’t worry – d’you really think I would do that to you?!?!). 


So that’s what I’ve been reading recently, if you’ve read any of these titles or others you feel you have to recommend then please feel free to comment them below!

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