Having a moment: Yellow

Ok so first of all, just re-reading this and I feel like you can really tell when the coffee has gone straight to my brain (/heart) and then I decide to write a blog post. They get very bubbly very jittery (cute way of saying low-key obnoxious #selfaware) but hopefully they’re entertaining (??) So anyway just a forewarning that this is one of those black-coffee-fuelled-posts!

This is obvious if you’ve checked instagram for more than I don’t know, 2 minutes BUT yellow is the colour of 2018 (lol sorry Pantone). Fun fact! I had a yellow themed birthday party when I was….2 (?!) (Mother I need confirmation on that age) so I guess you could say I was a trend forecaster….no biggie.

Yellow is a broad term and there are so many shades that come under it. You’ve got your buttercup yellow, canary, mustard (blondes don’t do it), lemon yellow, honey blonde yellow the list goes on. Everyone can pull off yellow but not everyone can pull off every shade (obviously) you’ve got to find yours and then run with it. Commit, you know what I’m saying? I mean if you’re wearing yellow you can’t do it sub-standard-ly!

Anyway I thought I’d take this post to a) pick out some of my favourite yellow pieces but also b) point out some people who are doing the whole yellow thing flawlessly. Enjoy!








Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.31.33.png

Zara Bag

Loveshackfancy dress

Topshop shoes

Topshop Jeans

ASOS cami



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