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I feel as though every time I visit the US I always end up posting or collating several new all natural products, there’s just more to choose from over here and shopping for them seems easier. I thought I would share some new ones I’ve found and been using for just over a week now as I am a big fan of all of them and would highly recommend each one! 


Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum

I am a big Juice Beauty fan, I’ve used several of their products before and I am never disappointed. This serum is no different. It aims to target blemishes and redness which, combined with some sunshine and vitamin D has really helped even out my skin texture this holiday and helped keep my skin hydrated in the high heat!


Pacifica Sheet Masks

I love a sheet mask, I saw a meme recently that said something about going out and partying hard hen the next morning drinking a green tea and putting on a face mask and thinking that’ll solve everything. Whilst hilarious, this meme is so accurate aha – face masks for some reason make you feel a lot more put together and generally better about yourself. I tend to put a sheet mask on (just because they’re easier to clean up) whilst getting ready in the morning or just at night when I’m watching re-runs of Suits (although new season started last week people get on it.) Anyway I had yet to try Pacifica’s until this holiday and I am pleased to report that they are lovely and super hydrating (noticing a theme yet….?)


Acura Seriously Soothing Serum

I only purchased this the other day so I don’t think it’s quite been long enough to do a full review but from it’s description, I’m thinking this is similar to the new Herbivore Botanics blue lapis serum? We shall see. Anyway I felt like I had to mention it because look at how cute this packaging is! I love when brands pick up on little details such as this box and I think it adds such a nice little extra, therefore I felt like I had to just throw it in.


Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

Mists are just great, they help you feel refreshed, they reduce redness (needed.) and they also act as great primers for make brushes/sponges! I lie to spritz some on before bed or after being at the beach all day and then on my makeup sponge before applying any concealer or foundation. I find that by doing this, I get a better glow and the product goes on much more smoothly – win, win!


Coola Sunscreen Mist SPF 50

First of all Coola are total babes and are helping me out with my dissertation I am currently in the midst of writing. Incredibly kindly they sent me this organic sunscreen when they sent me some samples for my university project and let me tell you….it smells INCREDIBLE. I am in love – I want to take a bath in this scent. It also acts as a really good sunscreen and has helped protect my skin from any UV rays. (Also if you’re wondering, yes you still tan with an SPF as high as 50).


That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions about these products then please leave them in the comments down below.



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