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Oh hi everyone! Hi hi, how are you? Got a fashion-y post today (IKR who would’ve thought!) all about ‘summer shoes’ because I was unpacking for this trip and realised I clearly have a type when it comes to shoes. A type that has obviously been around a while looking at how worn my shoes are…..exhibit a:

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 13.50.48.png

So anyway, I thought I would just share some of my favourite brands to purchase shoes that are a) cute b) perfect for spring/summer and c) last (quality over quantity people, say it with me). Enjoy…


Great, comfy and the slightly more preppy sister of a good Converse sneaker, I love these white flatform espadrilles (although yes I did sprain my ankle in them but that was entirely my fault…) they go with everything and give me a little bit of height which I am always a fan of. One thing I would say is size down a lot….almost 2 sizes because these run really big. I believe mine are a 4 and I’m a 6 in real life (uk sizing).



A total staple shoe. I feel like your feet either suit converse or vans. I’m definitely a converse type of girl and I like how they make my feet look (does that make sense?!). These are really affordable considering how long they last – I have 3 pairs (2 low top, 1 high) and I’ve had all 3 for about 5-6 years!! These fit true to size so go with your usual.




Ah, the shoe all boys hate on girls (although from personal experience conversion is possible)…..honestly these are the loves of my life I kid you not. I’ve had my khaki pair now for about 5 years and I love them as much now as I did when I got them. They’re comfy, add a boho element to every outfit and I just love how they look and fit – weirdly high-fashion idk (?) Again cost-per-wear is r i d i c u l o u s, so if you’re thinking about investing, do it. 



I don’t know if this brand is all over the world but in the UK Dune and Carvela are super popular and easy to find brands that make beautiful shoes. Both of these shoes I bought for a special occasion and I’ve got so much use out of them since. First of all their shoes are always comfy including the heels so if you’re a rookie heel wearer definitely invest. They’re also very well balanced which is import for maximum heel comfort and walkability (Did I just invent a word….). I love all the details like this rose gold tint and the braided gold and pink detailing around the wedges – they really are such perfect summery shoes that beg to be worn everyday for any occasion. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 14.04.23.png







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