WTF is a dosha

Ok so I know a lot of you will have read the title and now be a) confused or b) little disturbed but a dosha is not as weird (or as phallic) as it sounds. 

Dosha is an extension of Ayurveda which is a type of natural medicine. 

Essentially your dosha explains your mind and body traits. Similar to if you describe someone as an introvert or extrovert etc…. just a lot more detailed.

Ok so, the 3 dosha’s are;







Below is a summary of Vata, Pitta & Kapha and some words that are associated with each ‘element’. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.56.03.png

What’s interesting about dosha’s is that your mind and body could be completely different. So for example, I am predominantly vata mind and vata body but my mind also has a slight percentage of pitta and my body has an almost equal percentage mix of kappa and pitta as well as vata (Do you get me? Am I making sense?). If we put this in the context of work life, vata tend to be very creative and have lots of things on the go at once whereas pitta are focussed, attention detailed and more logical. Kapha is very chilled and calm in their approach to work. Are you starting to gain a better picture of each ‘type’?

Dosha’s also help explain times when you feel unbalanced. For example; as a vata or an ‘airy’ personality, I can feel unsettled and out of control when unbalanced. A Pitta, as a fire personality, may feel aggressive and impatient, whilst a kapha, an earth personality, may feel sluggish and tired.

As well as this, your diet and the foods you eat can impact your dosha body. Vata’s are always cold and therefore can handle spicy, warm foods. They also tend to be ‘airy’ elements so root veg and produce from the earth works well with their digestion as it grounds them. Pitta is already fiery and tend to suffer from indigestion/heartburn when they eat food that is also fiery such as spicy or fried food. In comparison, kapha’s need lots of leafy greens and fresh fruit!

Essentially, the dosha’s are just an easy tool to help understand yourself a bit better and how the things you do and eat or the moods you may have can impact how balanced or ‘yourself’ you feel.

Obviously most people are a mix of all three & if you want to find out specifically which one you are, or what mix of all three you are, there’s a super useful quiz by Sahara Rose (click here) that summarises your dosha! If you do complete the quiz, comment below your dosha mix (s/o to any other vata/vata combos)!

Talk to ya later 



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