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Hey hey hey, another book review today. A business-y book that is. I literally finished this book this morning and knew I had to write a post on it immediately….

‘Crushing it’ is a summation of information (sounds like a Steps song from 1996) about how to be an entrepreneur and boost any company you already are affiliated with/running through social media, no matter your age. It discusses each social media platform that’s blown up in the last 10 years from Facebook to and the most efficient ways to use each one to gain maximum exposure and create valuable content for your consumers. Even if you think this doesn’t apply to….it does. 


As well as diving into effectively using social media to grow a brand, Gary V (the author…did I not mention that yet –  he’s a w e s o m e, I’ve linked his website, go stalk/follow/email/share/idk) also shares useful insight into tips and tricks in successful branding strategy. Seriously even if you aren’t interested in social media (although one thing this book is clear about, is that you should be) you can gain a lot of knowledge on other topics, just from reading this book.

The book is also scattered with interviews with entrepreneurs who are ‘crushing it’ and how they got to where they are – the ups and the downs, including examples from Vaynerchuk himself.

So what did I personally learn? Here are 3 key lessons I took away from the book (this was TRICKY af, I highlighted so much it’s kind of a joke);

1.You need to always be in ‘do’ mode.

This is one of the key themes throughout the book. If you are serious about starting a company or boosting your personal brand then it’s going to take deception and time. You need to always be in ‘do’ mode and really grind it out before you experience the results you want. There’s no simple formula – hard work delivers results. Constantly interacting with your consumers and looking for opportunity is what will help you push through the clutter and shine as a brand, whether that be on Twitter or Youtube. You need to be utilising Facebook ads, Instagram hashtags, twitter Dm’s whatever it is on whatever platform, if you aren’t squeezing the potential out of it then you aren’t ‘crushing it’.


2. Document, don’t create

Invite your consumers into you and your story, your life. By allowing them to learn who you are and what you’re about they can connect with your journey and learning process as well as your company on an emotional level. A lot of the ‘success stories’ in the book revolve around this principle and it’s really interesting to learn how this simple switch in mentality transformed some peoples careers and businesses.

3. Develop high-quality ‘micro’ content

What does this mean I hear you ask? Lemme break it down for you. It’s very easy if you’re a brand and/or influencer to produce one piece of content and share it on all platforms. The problem with that and the reason you may not grow as effectively than you would wish, is because each platform is so different from the next, what works on Facebook may not work in a 180 character tweet and vice versa. Instead; you should create a pillar of content that can then be distributed into smaller pieces of content tailored to each platform. 

If you want to know more, you’re gonna have to pick up the book! Linked here

If you’ve read ‘crushing it!’ or are a Gary Vaynerchuk fan then tell me your thoughts, leave a comment below! 

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