Lip Cheat

Hey hey, Ok so I’ve found my favourite lip combo of all time. In fact scrap that, I’ve been in possession of these products for a while (some a loooong time) but never have I put them together until now. MLBD (My Lips But Darker…I feel as though we’ve discussed this) is the best because it’s so natural but just adds a lil something so here’s the combo I’ve found;

Sugar lip balm ‘nude’

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillowtalk’ liner & lippy

H&M lipgloss ‘Toffee’



Let me just say, this lip gloss is £1.49….£1.49 from H&M. The shade is ‘Toffee’ and it is the perfect slightly dark nude shade – go and find it.


Another almost sub for the CT Pillowtalk is this Laura Mercier lipstick in ‘Lychee Parfait’ – super creamy and the colour is incredibly similar albeit a bit more coral.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.39.27.png

So a word on PillowTalk by CT; genuinely, this colour looks good on everyone – it just works.  It makes your lips look full and ‘pillow-y’ I mean go figure. if you’ve never found a nude (not like that, get your head out the gutter) for you, well…this is the one.


Tell me if you’ve tried out any of these products OR if you have your own holy grail combo…leave a comment below



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