Another book you gotta read

About a week ago I recommended two books that I absolutely loved and felt like everyone should read…well today I’m adding another to the list, ‘Mindset’. 


A bestseller, Mindset is a book that focuses on (you guessed it) your mindset and how you can change yours to achieve your full potential in everything, from academia to your love life to raising kids, playing sports, anything. The book discusses how everyone has two ways of thinking; the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. The fixed mindset has nothing to do with having an open mind as you may think, it’s about how you channel your thoughts. In order to achieve maximum growth, you need the growth mindset. See below a diagram that illustrates the difference; 


Recently, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my mindset that’s come naturally from reading several books which touch on this topic but don’t name it or describe it as a technique. Dr Dweck’s (sick name) studies and evidentiary support (-Legally blonde) helped me pin point what change was beginning to happen in my brain and how I could continue to help my thoughts switch to the ‘growth’ mindset.


It all sounds a bit confusing until you read the book and I recommend (clearly) that you do. It’s an easy read with lots of illustrations on how, why and when this mindset change has worked. If you’re wanting to be able to put 100% into your life then I highly suggest you pick up a copy!




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