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I feel as though I don’t mention this that much but I go to uni in Nottingham (Trent not uni of let’s not get carried away….although we did win Times uni of the year….just sayin’). One thing Notts does well is independent coffee shops so I thought what better than a little ‘best of’ coffee shops in Nottingham! If you’re ever up here in the bitter north (yes this is the north everyone, north of the M25.) then grab a cup from one of the following…

4. Wired cafe bar


Ok first things first lets get this out of the way, I drink black coffee. Black filter or americano depending on the place. Therefore these opinions are based on; the vibe, ambience and b l a c k coffee. 

If you need to bang out an essay, finish reading that novel or spend the day with your head in emails, Wired is the place to go. The vibe is very ‘early Starbucks’ (..does that make sense…..does anyone ever get my references…) – lots of people sitting alone with laptops out and headphones on. Their coffee is decent (albeit a bit small), better than a Costa/Starbucks offering and the Hot Cocoa is yum (according to friends).

3. 200 Degrees 


Chances are if you’re in a restaurant in Nottingham, the coffee you order afterwards or during (brunch anyone?!) is supplied by 200 degrees. Whilst having 2 stores themselves, a lot of other cafes and restaurants use their beans for their coffee so you can experience a 200 degree coffee in several places. However, personally, I love the stores. They’re cozy, warm, feel-as-if-a-fire-is-going-but-there-isn’t friendly oh and they also do Barista courses for any budding latte art connoisseurs. The coffee is drawn with Outpost, the next shop on the list. It’s not for the faint hearted – it’s got a bit of a bite but I like that, less water more flavour. 

2. Outpost coffee


So fun fact, Outpost actually do a coffee subscription service as well as their own stores – pretty cool. Outpost is all about sustainable sourcing and there coffee is of the ‘arabica’ variety, very yummy, Lorelai Gilmore would be into it. The interiors give me NYC Brooklyn vibes, they’re clearly trying to be ‘edgy’ but who isn’t atm, besides that, it’s a really lovely place just to chill out but be warned, it’s tiny so not much seating available…although I have a feeling they’re opening another one so keep you’re eyes open!

and the winner is….

1. Cartwheel coffee


If you know me, you know that they know me (Cartwheel that is). My best friend and I are always in here partially because we live practically on the doorstep but also because the people are babes, the coffee is perfect for me (& they roast it there!), the food is wonderful (and not pricey) and it’s such a chilled place to study/laugh/have a catch up.


I always order a ‘long black’ and I love it. I have also had an oat milk latte before and it was just right; creamy but you still have a 360 taste of the coffee (a rare find). Oh! It’s also the best place to people watch if you can grab a seat in the window.


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