Crushing on; Alice & Olivia

Another fashion week post for you all today. This time round, it’s Alice & Olivia. Let’s just get this out the way, they killed it. 90’s-meets-Studio 54 with a hint of Gossip-Girl-socialite-vibes. I am obsessed…and I’m not just saying that because I literally purchased a multicoloured sequin top about a month ago, stated ‘this is very Alice & Olivia’ and now it’s on the catwalk (#onpoint, #ontheme).

Everything is just so cool, especially the styling, oh and the classic ‘rich girl waves’ as they’re known – they go with everything. Also those studded jeans (both pairs) are amazing I can feel them blowing up. Note the boots too – the lace up black pair are to die for – they add a shot of ‘it-girl-cool’ to any outfit, and after all, Alice & Olivia are nothing if not the embodiment of what to means to look like an ‘It girl’ (xoxo).

Anyway, here are some other highlights of mine from the show….enjoy!





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