Some books you gotta read

Good morning! Looking for a book to read? Well look no further I’m here to help (thank me later xxxxx) Over the last week I’ve read these 2 books and they were just too good not to share with you all. Head’s up, if you’re looking for some Chick-lit/Fifty shades crap this is not that and tbh I’m offended you think I’d recommend that to you. No, these are non-fiction business-y books. If I’ve just lost you…come back, these are no fuss, easy to read and yes, they do apply to you; whether you care about business or not.

At the very least, keep reading this post and see what you think at the end….


The four


Ok so we all know ‘the four’ (oh and yes, ‘the four’ is in reference to the four housemen of the apocalypse), that is; Facebook, Amazon, Google & Apple but what not many people know is how they got to where they are (you may think you do, you don’t.) and how adopting strategies used by these brands can help boost your own companies/jobs/personal brand etc… Galloway is a professor at NY Stern and is incredibly easy to read. The book is written in an informal chatty style (much like this blog aha) which makes you fly through the pages….also the topic is just so interesting. I absolutely loved this book (as did my Dad) and is a must read if you care about the future of companies/the stock market/branding etc…. or if you study a business-y topic at uni.

Ironically, the book is linked above via Amazon.


110% Solution


I’ve previously spoken about Mark McCormack before in another book post, he’s the author of the famous book “What they don’t teach you at Harvard business school” and 110% solution is another one of his titles! I don’t know what it is about McCormack’s writing but I find it super easy to read, it just feels very personable and direct. 110% solution is essentially a guide as to how to work at your 110% potential in everything in life. It’s very motivating and has tidbits from various athletes (McCormack is the founder of IMG) about how they achieve this in their sports. Personally, there are several chapters on time management that I found really helpful and made me start to view my ‘hours in a day’ very differently – game changer.

You’ve got to read this if you’re looking for a kick up the ass to be your best and reach your full potential.


If you do end up reading/devouring either of these titles please leave a lil book review below in the comments on your thoughts!


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