Baby Doll lashes

Hey hey, new post for a new mascara. So fun fact, my eyes keep burning and watering and will not stop for about 20-30 mins (fun, totally fine, completely normal), spur of the moment; at home, in restaurants, on the street, in the gym, anywhere. I’ve bought eye drops, I’ve tried clearing my sinuses, I’ve tried using different makeup remover and so now I have decided that potentially my mascara is old and bothering my eyes (?!) or the formula is irritating them…who knows…either way, what an excuse to buy new mascara! Enter YSL Baby Doll.



SO far, so good. My eyes don’t feel agitated and haven’t shown a hint of watering. Also I love how my lashes look with this on – long without looking unnatural – I’d really recommend so far!



(without & with)

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.41.38.png


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