Off to therapy

Hey hey hey, so I’m a having slight nightmare with my skin atm, hormonal acne is real and it is annoying. Honestly, I never had acne or really bad spots as a teenager so I really don’t appreciate this second round of puberty my skin is putting me through. I never fully appreciated how crushing to your confidence bad skin can be and the other day I had had enough. I marched my ass into Boots and emerged with face masks and this little 2018 gadget called an LED therapy spot treatment



I’ve had light therapy before via a Skin Laundry facial and really loved it – it actually works – this is 2018 ya’ll. Here’s the 411; the red light helps to stimulate collagen production (i.e; anti-aging, boosts ya glow). It also reduces age spots, sun damage, and overall redness, flushing, and dilated capillaries as well as bruising. The red light also speeds up recovery time for any skin damage. The blue light kills acne bacteria, and helps improve skin clarity consequently reducing future breakouts. One of the best things about light treatment is you can see an improvement basically immediately…seriously. 


This combined with doubling up face masks and my skin is already so grateful (I would know, we’re pretty close).

Oh! it’s on offer right now at Boots but only till mid February so now’s the perfect time to try!



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