Everyday Makeup

Hi angels! Today is a little everyday makeup-product situation. Been pretty much doing the same thing day in day out (as per usual, but hey at least I’m #consistent). 

All products are linked…enjoy!


Bioderma BB cream is so good for anyone who has rosacea – I’ve genuinely noticed a difference with how red my skin is after using this product, and as someone who doesn’t particularly like foundation, this is the perfect mix of sincere and coverage for me! I pair this with the Glossier ‘WOWder’ I got for christmas and it’s honestly the dream team and stays put all day long which is the main aim really; especially if you’re prone to redness like me. 



Glossier Concealer in medium

Dior Eyebrow Pencil (this paired with Glossier’s boy brow is gold)

Clinique Mascara

Clinique chubby bronzer



Gotta give a shoutout to this eyeliner. Discovered in my Mum’s makeup stash (I feel like all mums have such good hidden makeup gems) it’s a gel formula that I use the Bobbi Brown brush pictured to apply and I love it so much (This from a girl who didn’t wear eyeliner pre this product). Definitely give it a go if you’ve run out. 



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