Get your sh*t together

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !

I’m currently watching Wild Child (classic) and recovering from NYE antics making plans and lists for the next week and January as a whole. 

It’s reached that scene where Abbey Mount are in the lacrosse finals and losing heavily. Poppy gathers up the girls and they do their ‘aggression’ dance. I mean if that doesn’t stir up a fighting attitude in you I don’t know what will (yes I am partially kidding…but also kind of not).


Taking this as inspiration I thought it’s time to get my sh*t together and as a bi-product help you get organised, focussed and ready for 2018 too!

1. Calendar

First things first (…) the most basic of organisation tools, a calendar. I like to have a printed copy as well as electronic as I’m kind of bad at checking the one on my phone, unless I get updates, but it’s super practical for jotting down an important date when you’re out and about. I’ve added a little PDF January calendar I made earlier, fill it out and pin it to your wall or something.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 16.06.13.png

2. Prioritise 

Anyone who knows me knows that I use this word probably a little too much. However, it’s one of the most important things anyone can do for themselves and others. Figure out exactly what matters most to you be it; work, faith, school, family, friends, a relationship….whatever it is and make sure to set that as a resolution for yourself to prioritise it. Once you know what matters to you most you’re able to structure your day/week/month around that and make  the best decisions surrounding that area. Seriously this will change your life and it’s so simple.

3. Declutter

You’ve heard it all before but decluttering is so important. Tidy room tidy mind but this isn’t just about your space (although that’s very important…feng shui….namaste) declutter your desktop, your hard drive, your phone, your bag, your closet, anywhere that has excess – declutter. Not only is it way less stressful but it increases your productivity (*Poppy Moore voice* Its like totally a fact).

4. To Do ——> Must Do

Writing a to-do list is great and helps get everything that’s swirling around in your brain down on paper but it can often seem overwhelming and unmanageable when they end up very lengthy. After reading ‘What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School’ by Mark McCormack I picked up this handy trick he used to keep track of his tasks;

“Every night before he went to bed, he would write down all the

things that he wanted to accomplish the following day on a

legal pad, whether it related to personal downtime or business

meetings. On the left side of the page, he listed the daily tasks

that he needed to get done. On the right side, he wrote down the

names of all the people he had to call. He made his schedule

much more than a “to-do” list by allocating the proper amount

of time to each activity.”

Simple yet effective and again, prioritise your tasks. Highlight the ‘must do’s’ and be prepared for some tasks to roll over into the next day or week.


5. Use negative vibes

Doing a quick 360 and focussing back on that scene from Wild Child, using a bad mood, negative thoughts or anger to fuel you in whatever you may be doing (positive things only I don’t mean hate based crimes OK kids xxx) is a much more effective use of those emotions. Don’t just sit and mope or complain; get up and channel those negative vibes into kicking ass. Prove people wrong (The entire point of Wild Child, wow I really circled back smoothly here).

I hope that you try these tips out and if you already use any of these or start to please comment your thoughts below! 

Have an amazing 2018 everyone 




  1. Jenny Nguyen January 20, 2018 / 11:20 am

    I would like to know if you read that book called “Get Your Sh*t Together” ?

    • sunkissedredlips January 21, 2018 / 3:44 pm

      Hey! I have it but haven’t had a chance to fully read it cover to cover yet xx

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